About Iron Fish

Where We Started

Iron Fish began with just one goal—to build the world’s most usable and private cryptocurrency. A currency that isn’t biased by the politics of any country, one that doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from, one that truly is for everyone.

Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have little to no privacy—their protocols require complete transparency to verify transactions. Similar to how https:// made e-commerce possible, we believe private transactions over a blockchain will enable frictionless global payments and new industries of borderless products and companies. To create a seamless currency with ironclad security and privacy, we looked to zero-knowledge proofs (ZPKs). Learn more about how we use ZPKs in our whitepaper.

Who We Are Today

We are growing quickly, and Iron Fish is rapidly evolving. Our team members and investors are experts in their fields, and each person brings a diverse set of skills and experiences.


Why “Iron Fish”?

During WW2, the US recruited Native Americans to use their tribal languages to send secret communications to and from the battlefield – a system that was unbroken until it was declassified in the late 60s. One of their code systems contained words that were directly translated from English to Navajo for common military words. Certain modern military words didn’t have a direct translation to Navajo, and so they had to improvise. The term for ‘submarine’ therefore became what directly translates to as ‘iron fish’.

We chose this as our name because it shows the power of cryptography, how a complex modern concept can be described using relatively simple words, and it even has two tradable commodities (iron and fish) right in its name.

Interested in learning more? Read more about the Code Talkers on the companion website to the traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibition, Native Words, Native Warriors.