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We are craftspeople who are excited to work on uncharted territory in decentralized computing and cutting-edge cryptography. While currently headquartered in San Francisco, we are a remote-first company. We welcome talented people from all backgrounds, throughout the United States and Canada.

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Who you'll work with

Elena CEO

Elena is the Founder and CEO of Iron Fish. Previously worked at Microsoft and Airbnb. She really didn't want her insurance to know when she eats pizza.

Derek Engineer

Former Microsoft & Uber, he enjoys experimenting with new technologies when he’s not catching up on fiction or eating a bowl of Reese’s Puffs.

Jason Engineer

Former Uber. He is capable of writing complex weighted graph algorithms while dancing to electro music. A crypto noodle straightener if you will.

Skylar Designer

International award winning designer who hates the snow and cold weather, albeit lives in Canada, complains about it relentlessly yet reluctant to move.

Rohan Engineer

Former Citadel & Snap. He enjoys biking around New York or reading about type theory while waiting for his cinnamon rolls to finish baking.

Jenah HR / Recruiting

Loves the letter A. Can plan your trip to Hawaii while finding the best health benefit plans and judging your resume.

Daniel Engineer

Enjoys a good team contact sport (maybe engineering qualifies??). Also enjoys watching math videos (3b1b) and talking about Functional Programming

Mat Engineer

Likes interesting tech. Likes privacy. Loves when they are combined. Will probably talk to you about Rust unprompted.

Hugh Engineer

Previously built software for biotech. Enjoys word games and baking with his sourdough starter, the Yeastie Boys.

Aditya Community Manager

Polyglot who loves movies, traveling, yoga, and Indian food. Has worked with some blockchain projects as a CM, and loves to engage with everyone as a Virtual Extrovert on Discord.

Joe Engineer

Meg Marketing

Neil Marketing

Kelly Chief of Staff

Yajun Engineer

Former Airbnb, Fast & Amazon. Libra who loves coding💻 and fashion👗🕶 Enjoy good 🧋🍷🥂🍹 Always craving for Korean BBQ and Jamôn Ibérico(brought back a whole ham leg from Spain and learned slicing). Want to bring more women into Web3.

Dan Engineer

Evan Engineer

Austin Engineer