Install Using Docker

Run the Docker image from the GitHub registry, mounting the node's data directory into your home directory and using the host network. (Replace <home-directory> with %USERPROFILE% on Windows or $HOME on others)

docker run --rm --tty --interactive --network host --volume <home-directory>/.ironfish:/root/.ironfish

Now check the status of your node using IPC, again replacing <home-directory> according to your OS.

docker run --rm --tty --interactive --network host --volume <home-directory>/.ironfish:/root/.ironfish status -f

Note: --network host is needed for 2 Docker containers to connect over IPC.

Note: You can also use the RPC layer over TCP by starting your node with --rpc.tcp, which connects over the default port 8020.


To update your image, use docker pull before running the image.

docker pull