Accounts commands

To check all available commands

ironfish accounts
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ironfish accounts Create and delete accounts USAGE $ ironfish accounts:COMMAND COMMANDS accounts:address Display or regenerate the account public key accounts:balance Display the account balance accounts:create Create a new account for sending and receiving coins accounts:export Export an account accounts:import Import an account accounts:list List all the accounts on the node accounts:notes Display the account notes accounts:pay Send coins to another account accounts:publickey Display or regenerate the account public key accounts:remove Permanently remove an account accounts:rescan Rescan the blockchain for transaction accounts:transactions Display the account transactions accounts:use Change the default account used by all commands accounts:which Show the account currently used.

Account creation

To create a new account

ironfish accounts:create
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ironfish accounts:createMyNewAccount Creating account MyNewAccount Account MyNewAccount saved to /Users/username/.ironfishtodelete/accounts.json Public address: 6a085865ac5608c8ec64189db54d4b5c085da9da12dad0a0bf00f60e52c16b0303d8a8dd7d82601f577c8d Run "ironfish accounts:use MyNewAccount" to set the account as default

Default account

To change the default account used by the CLI

ironfish accounts:use MyAccount
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ironfish accounts:use MyAccount The default account is now: MyAccount

Import an Account

To import an account from a file:

ironfish accounts:import filename

To import an account via stdin:

echo {<account json>} | ironfish accounts:import

Enter the JSON of the account and press enter

To import an account interactively:

ironfish accounts:import
Restart the animation
ironfish accounts:importwallet9cfaf518a343aa5cb6d7ee704f7b0b29fac85ff96912ea7302a3e2a4ae52cff50092734294658f53417ed104deb10ac333a799ca13d210bbad3d62e95247f306687ddc73cc224fad52379f52cd545c1a6b79af38d7cf18a02e1f527fd4740a1cc1ab489154850983e68f2e4b74f658d7dd1cfe84cb18902cf6632680909b2379590b3b7287fc78b8e947c7 Account wallet imported. Run "ironfish accounts:use wallet" to set the account as default

Enter the details requested by the prompts as shown above

Export an Account

To export an account to a file:

ironfish accounts:export AccountName filename

To export an account to the terminal:

ironfish accounts:export AccountName
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ironfish accounts:export wallet { "name": "wallet", "spendingKey": "9cfaf518a343aa5cb6d7ee704f7b0b29fac85ff96912ea7302a3e2a4ae52cff5", "incomingViewKey": "0092734294658f53417ed104deb10ac333a799ca13d210bbad3d62e95247f306", "outgoingViewKey": "687ddc73cc224fad52379f52cd545c1a6b79af38d7cf18a02e1f527fd4740a1c", "publicAddress": "c1ab489154850983e68f2e4b74f658d7dd1cfe84cb18902cf6632680909b2379590b3b7287fc78b8e947c7", "rescan": null }

See current default account

To display the current default account used by the CLI

ironfish accounts:which
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ironfish accounts:which MyAccount

Accounts list

To see the list of accounts on your node

ironfish accounts:list
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ironfish accounts:list default MyAccount

Account key

To see a specific account public key

ironfish accounts:address
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ironfish accounts:address Account: default, public key: 30b62713dc3b1c823b3e18089a30540ca1eb551a85884bb3e6ddd90d9966888e9997b74a83324cba643fc3

Account balance

To display the balance of the account

ironfish accounts:balance
Restart the animation
ironfish accounts:balance The account balance is: $IRON 0.00000000 ($ORE 0) Amount available to spend: $IRON 0.00000000 ($ORE 0)

Account notes

To display the notes of the account

ironfish accounts:notes
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ironfish accounts:notes default (8454944) - Account notes Spender Amount ($IRON) Memo From Transaction ─────── ────────────── ───── ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ✔ 0.1 wd021 00104ad284dd573cf3c2b3e72f5dfa0bd9a10f825aaf180853820e30e98062b5 x 15.69999963 00104ad284dd573cf3c2b3e72f5dfa0bd9a10f825aaf180853820e30e98062b5 ✔ 0.1 wd021 00d3558f24c83cfa82928060692c7839194d91f5a81d9c031e0238850f4afd1b x 8.3999989 00d3558f24c83cfa82928060692c7839194d91f5a81d9c031e0238850f4afd1b

Account deletion

To delete an account

ironfish accounts:remove MyAccount
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ironfish accounts:remove wallet Account 'wallet' successfully removed.

Send a transaction

To send a transaction from the current account

ironfish accounts:pay
Restart the animation
ironfish accounts:pay200.00000001ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 You are about to send: $IRON 20 to ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 from the account IronFishGenesisAccount * This action is NOT reversible * YCreating the transaction: Sending 20 to ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 from MyNewAccount Transaction Hash: e032e78268a1097288503e18510e48d140292ff5ce91d0914ae00f733ad8d166 Transaction Fee: 0.00000001 Find the transaction on

View transactions

To view transactions from the current account

ironfish accounts:transactions
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ironfish accounts:transactions default (8454944) - Account transactions Status Creator Hash Miner Fee Fee ($ORE) Notes Spends ───────── ─────── ─────────────────────────── ───────── ─────────── ───── ────── pending ✔ 02ad86094df3bd5a1e090b..... x 1 2 1 completed ✔ 04090cc860d4a71b4be50a..... x 1 2 1 completed x 04718dcc81bea11fdb4b38..... ✔ -2000000006 1 0

Rescan transactions

To reset your wallet and attempt to rebuild it from scratch

ironfish accounts:rescan
Restart the animation
ironfish accounts:rescan Rescanning Transactions... ⡿ Scanning Block: 3660, 41 seconds Rescanning Transactions... Scanning Complete

Wait for scanning to get completed