Create an account

Create a new account

By default, an account is created when you start up your node for the first time. But you can create a new account at any time with the following command:

ironfish wallet:create
Restart the animation
ironfish wallet:createMyNewAccount Creating account MyNewAccount Account MyNewAccount created with public address 6a085865ac5608c8ec64189db54d4b5c085da9da12dad0a0bf00f60e52c16b0303d8a8dd7d82601f577c8d Run "ironfish wallet:use MyNewAccount" to set the account as default

Set the account as default

When you have multiple accounts, you can indicate to the CLI which one to use:

ironfish wallet:use MyNewAccount

Next steps

You can read about the different accounts commands in this section. Now that you have created an account, you can use it to get coins or start mining.