Iron Fish Governance

Community-led protocol decisions

The Foundation has launched a Discourse website and put out a public call for governance submissions.

Submit Proposal

Iron Fish has always been a community driven project. Since mainnet launch, our focus has been on how to continue bolstering Iron Fish's decentralization and resilience.

Governance Structure

Anyone can submit a proposal. A proposal is a request to introduce a change to the core Iron Fish protocol. Currently, the interim process for proposals to be accepted is:

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Start a discussion

Start a discussion about your idea on Discourse. Be as specific as possible, and make your claim for why this proposal is important.

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Get feedback

Get feedback from the community, especially from the core Iron Fish node implementation contributors.

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Fish Improvement Proposal

Once discussions converge, draft a FIP (Fish Improvement Proposal) and submit a clear, well-defined Pull Request with corresponding code contributions as defined by your proposal (either directly through your efforts, or from other developers in the community by championing your idea).

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Ask those who have merge permissions to review your PR, and resolve any comments.

5 / 5


Once the PR gets merged, that FIP is marked as accepted and merged into the FIP repository.

Governance FAQ

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