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Iron Fish encrypts every transaction, shielding your sensitive asset information from public view. With read-only view keys, you remain compliant and in control.

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Multi-asset functionality enables bridge providers to transfer any crypto asset to the Iron Fish network for private transactions.

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Iron Fish is built for everyone. Decentralized currency should be easy-to-use and convenient while offering developers a needed base for building sophisticated applications on our encrypted network.

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Why Use Iron Fish?

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Privacy without compromise

Iron Fish is built from the ground up with zk-SNARK technology. Integrating encryption solutions at the foundation of our protocol delivers maximal security across the platform.

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Your finance, truly decentralized

Powered by a global network of miners and nodes, Iron Fish is a censorship resistant, resilient, and privacy-enabled platform for everyday crypto transactions.

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A common-sense approach to compliance

With an Iron Fish account, users receive a set of view keys that allow them to provide read-only access to their transactions records. This feature enables users to share account information for compliance and situations requiring proof of transaction.

Connect with a Global Community

Iron Fish is open-source and community-focused. Join us on Discord and connect with a lively and highly-engaged collective.

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