Iron Fish is a novel cryptocurrency
focused on privacy and accessibility

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We take no shortcuts on privacy

We believe privacy is a right—offering fully-private payments, with every transaction. You will have complete control over who sees your account details. Your data is decentralized and end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that you’re safe from third parties and hackers.

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Cryptocurrency you can actually use

No experience (or professional equipment) necessary—just launch our app or open a browser. In minutes you can open a new wallet, become a full node, and start mining.

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Borderless, private banking for everyone

IRF is censorship-resistant and available to everyone—regardless of location, identity or citizenship. Anyone can create a wallet and be their own global, digital bank.

Backed by prominent investors. Built by experts

We are honored to be working with incredible investors and angels. Our team members are tech veterans, with resumes spanning Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, and more.