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One of our core principles is that we build, together. We do this on a global scale.

The Iron Fish community is home to a diverse group of miners, node operators, everyday users, and people curious about crypto. Come find your place in this lively, welcoming collective that is united around the idea that crypto can be made safer and easier to use.

This is Iron Fish

Our node operators and miners are globally distributed on our decentralized network.


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Keeping my financial information confidential is important .Cryptocurrencies like Iron Fish give me peace of mind knowing that my transactions are secure and my privacy is protected.


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Our Community Is

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A Place to Learn

The diverse Iron Fish community includes new and experienced crypto users keen to learn and share knowledge on places like Discord and the entirely user-driven Community Wiki.

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A Place to Create

Iron Fish users express their support in numerous ways, from murals and art to bug reports and community-built tools. If you create something, let us know!

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A Place to Engage

What do you care about? We want to know! Through Discord, Twitter, and more, the Iron Fish community is here to spark conversation and drive crypto innovation forward.

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