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Set up a wallet and make secure transactions with our easy-to-use desktop node app.

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The perfect app for everyday use


Easy Access to Iron Fish Network

Once the app has synced the node, you can start using $IRON and your custom assets right away. If you do use the command line wallet, anything you do there is reflected in the node app, and vice versa.


Centralized Account View

Access a centralized view of all your accounts: address book, balances, transactions, and more.


Encryption Made Simple

The node app has the same level of security as running a node via the command line, and is more secure than using third party applications.


Bridge Assets

Coming Soon

Soon you'll be able to encrypt assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, we pave the way for complete privacy in web3 transactions. Unlocking the true potential of a private and secure blockchain ecosystem.

Privacy Needs a Home


Decentralized Privacy

The more the ecosystem grows, the stronger and more decentralized it is. Check out the node tab in the app to see all the nodes you're connected with.


Accessible, safe crypto

With the node app, anyone can use Iron Fish for fully encrypted transactions, regardless of technical skill. Send and receive $IRON or custom assets with just a few clicks.


Compliance, not compromise

Like all Iron Fish users, node app users receive a set of view keys that allow them to provide read-only access to their transaction records. You can offer this access when proof of payment or other compliance tasks are necessary.

Node App FAQ

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