Top 50 Most Promising Startup & Sequoia Capital Spotlight

Sanjey Sivanesan

Head of Operations @ Iron Fish

The Iron Fish team is excited to announce that last week we were recognized by The Information as a Top 50 Most Promising Startup. Two days later, our Series A investor Sequoia Capital published an in-depth profile on our founder and CEO Elena Nadolinski.

Top 50 Most Promising Startup 

alt textcredit: The Information

The Information is a top technology news site; its mission is to write articles with a depth you won’t find elsewhere. As CEO Jessica Lessin explained in announcing their Top 50 list, selection wasn’t based on buzz, but reporting.

And The Information’s reporting is impressive. They boast the largest newsroom of tech reporters producing original journalism in the world. Their world-class brand attracts hundreds of thousands of active readers and tens of thousands of subscribers, including the world’s most prominent business leaders. Based on that readership, The Information is one of the most influential tech publications in the world.

We are honored to be included in a strong crypto cohort: dYdX, Nansen, Elementus, Render, and thirdweb. Collectively, The Information rated our companies as “best positioned to make it through the winter.” The Information also highlighted two of our Series A investors, a16z and Sequoia, for backing so many of the Top 50. Speaking of Sequoia…

Sequoia Capital Spotlight 

alt textcredit: Cayce Clifford

“We help the daring build legendary companies, from idea to IPO and beyond.”

When Don Valentine started Sequoia Capital in 1972, semiconductor companies reigned supreme in the Bay Area. So much so that its core ingredient received top billing in the eponymously named Silicon Valley. Sequoia’s first $3m fund invested in small startups like Apple and Atari. In the 50 years since, Sequoia’s track record of spotting and supporting small, daring teams that become legendary companies is unmatched. Google, Oracle, Cisco, Nvidia, Paypal, Airbnb, Instagram, WhatsApp, Stripe, Figma, and FTX are just some of the companies that Sequoia has backed.

With such a singularly impactful portfolio of technology companies, we were thrilled when they asked to spotlight Elena and her work at Iron Fish. This thorough profile includes Elena’s early promise as a technologist, her 2017 crypto and NFT rabbit holes, why Iron Fish’s innovation is so urgent, and even a (privacy-centric, of course) love story. Sequoia partner and Iron Fish investor Shaun Maguire puts it best: Elena’s “journey into crypto doesn’t disappoint!”

We’ll leave you with our team’s favorite line, considering the iconic firm got its start backing a pair of young Steves: “The Iron Fish core team has a mantra to make Iron Fish ‘the Apple of blockchains’—intuitive, easy to use and something that works right out of the box.”

Thank you to The Information and Sequoia for recognizing the hard work of the entire Iron Fish community. It’s still early–both in crypto and at Iron Fish. We are always looking for more people to ensure consumers are even safer on-chain than they are online. We’d love to have you join our mission.

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Sanjey Sivanesan

Head of Operations @ Iron Fish

Sanjey is the Head of Operations at Iron Fish, previously at Nuna and Google.

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