Incentivized Testnet Rewards Guide

Lawrence Wisne

Engineering Manager

Note: This article is outdated. The deadline for all users to complete KYC is now April 14, 2023. For more, please see our March 13, 2023 mainnet update. 

The Iron Fish Incentivized Testnet is coming to an end. We've seen incredible participation and are so excited to take this next step with you.

First, some quick stats

In Phase 3, the network:

  • hosted 60,000+ concurrent nodes
  • processed 390k+ user-minted assets

Throughout the 3 testnet Phases:

  • 142,000+ of you earned points on the leaderboard
  • You broke records, including 39,739,530 transactions in Phase 2 (all shielded using zero-knowledge proofs, making Iron Fish one of the largest processors of ZKPs ever)

What's Next? 

This week, we will roll out a Redemptions Portal — testnet participants will use this portal to apply for the mainnet token airdrop. In preparation for this, please confirm you can log in on Doing so will also confirm your email address, which we will use for communication throughout the process.

When the Portal is released, we will announce it on our Discord and send emails out to users with verified emails and testnet points. Once you’re notified, head to the Redemption Portal and complete the KYC process.

KYC process 

Every testnet reward recipient must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Our process will be managed by Jumio, a trusted provider of KYC services. You will need a government-issued ID and a web/phone camera to complete the process.

Please note that Iron Fish is a US company and must abide by US sanctions, consequently requiring us to KYC every testnet participant to ensure eligibility. Additionally, due to regulatory concern, we are unable to complete any airdrop to US citizens at this time.


Incentivized testnet reward tokens are limited to one redemption per user. In addition to our KYC process, we will conduct a de-duplication and approval process internally to ensure the fairness and integrity of token allocation. The status of this process will be communicated on the Iron Fish Redemptions portal.


This all leads to the distribution of 945,000 mainnet Iron Fish tokens. We are very excited to kick off mainnet with an event to reward all our loyal testnet participants! See the table below for the rewards schedule (you can also check out our Testnet About page for more on testnet guidelines).

PoolToken AllocationPassed KYC DeadlineDistribution Date
Pull Requests105,000March 13, 2023March 16, 2023
Phase 1420,000March 19, 2023March 23, 2023
Phase 2210,000March 26, 2023March 30, 2023
Phase 3210,000March 26, 2023April 6, 2023

Please note:

  • You only need to pass KYC once. If you participated in Phases 1 and 2, and you pass KYC by 19 March, you will receive an allocation for both phases in which you participated. You don't need to repeat the KYC process.
  • The KYC date indicated is the date by when KYC must be passed. Apply early for KYC to leave sufficient time for an application to process.

That’s it! You can direct questions to:

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment as we’ve built towards mainnet! This is just the first step of our mainnet journey — there’s still plenty more to come over the next year so stay tuned. 🏃🐟

Join the Iron Fish community 🏃🐟 

Lawrence Wisne

Engineering Manager

As Engineering Manager at Iron Fish, Lawrence takes charge of guiding development of the Iron Fish protocol, shipping code, and connecting our technical team with the community.

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