Iron Fish Community Retrospective

Neil Doshi

Content Marketing Manager at Iron Fish

Do you know that feeling you get when you pick up your phone and scroll all the way back to the beginning of your photo album? That about sums up what it's like for us when we go through all your submissions to the #memes and #art-and-multimedia channels on Discord.

Note: All images are from our Discord — where Twitter links available, we've added them here.

Credit: Kupuyc#8730


In meme, art, and multimedia contests – and beyond – the Iron Fish community has long been a creative force. The countless videos, images, and artwork that you've made are for us a record of our journey to mainnet. The work you've produced shows that you get it. With you, we're on a mission to truly encrypt crypto, to make digital transactions safer and easier to access.

If we could, we'd include all of them here. But that would make for a long article… and we've got to get ready for March 14th!

Credits, from L-R: 1) Forsan.d#4345 2) Evgijasu#1135 3) Aleksei tv0roq Emelianov#5830 4) Аскал

Credits, from L-R: 1) Shelest_artem#5297 2) Mary75#0325


And then, of course, there are the jokes. At busy moments, when we're sprinting to meet a deadline or to address a bug, memes and tongue-in-cheek images have made us laugh.

Credits, from L-R: 1)hrtz#5585 2)slafi#7815

Credits, from L-R: 1)Nazgul|RØ CRYPTØ#3906 2)Sergei

Credits, from L-R: 1)AbsCRP#1093 2)arworld#513


Whether it's a meme or artwork, the energy you've brought to the project has lit up our Discord and given a boost to the team. We can't imagine having a more talented community, and we've been thrilled to see the ways you've brought Iron Fish into the places you live as well.

The images here fall far short of capturing your productivity. You've also made t-shirts, social media stickers, and countless videos and GIFS – there are too many to list – but here are just two by Val and KriksG.

Credits, from L-R: 1) SpaceGem 2) DD57#5953

Credits, from L-R: 1) Telegram stickers by Encipher 2) Iron Fish wallpapers by TimGuruGuru#7127

The future 

Right now is a great time to take stock of the people that have helped us get where we are, and the fun moments we've had along the way. Thank you, and we can't wait to see what you make as we continue to grow!

Join the Iron Fish community 🏃🐟 

Neil Doshi

Content Marketing Manager at Iron Fish

Neil is a Content Marketing Manager at Iron Fish

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