Ecosystem Spotlight: ZK.Work Mining Pool

Meg Blanchette

Director of Marketing

Iron Fish relies on its active community of miners. As a PoW network, its health is directly related to the work of a variety of mining pools that help keep the network decentralized and accessible to individual miners. ZK.Work is a prime example of a project making a healthy contribution to the network.

ZK.Work is a leading zero-knowledge proof mining platform, consisting of a global layout of GPU miners distributed across Asia, Europe, and America. These miners have access to high-performance mining software optimized for zk-SNARK algorithms as well as a complete product matrix incorporating decentralized multi-chain wallet FoxWallet.

ZK.Work + Iron Fish 

The ZK.Work-Iron Fish mining pool has been active since the network’s early testnet period. Within its first 2 months, ZK.Work provided miners with an additional 10,000 $IRON in rewards and exceeded a maximum hashrate of 8 TH/s, attracting a swarm of miners. Today, the pool has a 182.75 TH/s hashrate and north of 2,000 workers.

In terms of its decision to work with Iron Fish, ZK.Work cites the network’s commitment to open source principles, efficiency, and privacy as well as ongoing support from the team:

“On Iron Fish, anyone can host a node; anyone can start mining; anyone can mint fully private custom assets; anyone can burn or transfer assets. Iron Fish also utilizes a system called Groth16 that ensures efficient block verification and generation times… The Iron Fish team has also been actively and willingly reaching out to ZK.Work through establishing close partnership and frequent contact, sharing and discussing technical updates and solutions, as well as communicating and interacting in mutual communities and social media.” — Mattias, ZK.Work CEO.

Both Iron Fish and ZK.Work are passionate about solving web3’s privacy problem, to empower all users to protect their data.

Community Response 

Miners who participate in ZK.Work’s Iron Fish mining pool benefit from its research in ZK-rollup technology that provide users with evolving ZKP mining products and services. The ZK.Work team consistently adapts to network developments, provides strong and timely support, and updates its community with the latest information about Iron Fish.

For example, ZK.Work has self-developed a monitoring system that ensures that operations are constantly supervised. The team has also launched mailbox mining mode for miners’ convenience in response to community demand.

Looking Forward 

ZK.Work will continue to optimize and iterate its existing mining and computing power rental services, providing users with even higher-performance mining software and hardware. The platform is preparing itself for a future where Iron Fish builds a strong foundational set of supporting communities and ecosystems that bridge into the network for its privacy technology.

ZK.Work is also working on the development of other interesting projects such as:

  • Computing power rental for AI training

  • One-click zk-Rollup service

  • Blockchain ecotools

Stay in the loop with the ZK.Work on Twitter, Discord, Medium or GitHub.

To learn more about how to join the ZK.Work mining pool, read this quick tutorial. And if you’re already familiar, start mining $IRON with ZKWork today.

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Meg Blanchette

Director of Marketing

Meg is Director of Marketing at Iron Fish, previously at Manifold,, and O'Reilly Media.

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