Ecosystem Spotlight: DxPool Mining Pool

Meg Blanchette

Director of Marketing

DxPool is a mining platform that connects cryptocurrency miners worldwide looking to support privacy-oriented networks. It’s also a great pool to join if you’re an individual miner looking for a decentralized mining community — it was founded as an inclusive and transparent tool that helps individual miners get started.

Miners who work with DxPool have access to advanced features — including pooling resources and support for multiple networks — all with a focus on security and transparency. They also offer responsive customer service and ensure access to a wide range of mining opportunities.

DxPool + Iron Fish 

DxPool believes privacy coins are the future in PoW mining. They see the potential private crypto applications in financial transactions, personal privacy, business and trade, governance and voting systems. They knew they wanted to work with a protocol committed to privacy, and one that offered users greater control over their data and transactions.

The team got in touch with Iron Fish right from its early days and started testnet mining back in November, 2022. Since then, they’ve allowed miners to contribute to a network that prioritizes DxPool’s values and core principles of privacy and data protection.

“The Iron Fish community and team are passionate about their project. They take firm steps to reveal their outlooks and ideologies to the world, demonstrating transparency and fostering trust. This proactive approach encourages community engagement, stimulates discussions, and contributes to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.” — Renzhi, DxPool Market Outreach

What’s Next? 

Besides being an early supporter of the network, DxPool is also excited about the future. Iron Fish’s recent steps into the application of its privacy protocol will solve one of the primary obstacles of many web3 technologies.

DxPool sees its ongoing work with Iron Fish as a win-win situation for both platforms. Iron Fish miners gain more choices when selecting a mining platform, while DxPool miners discover another innovative project to mine.

Stay in the loop with DxPool on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

To learn more about how to join the DxPool mining pool visit the DxPool Iron Fish mining pool and sign up today. You can also download the DxPool app.

Join the Iron Fish community 🏃🐟 

Meg Blanchette

Director of Marketing

Meg is Director of Marketing at Iron Fish, previously at Manifold,, and O'Reilly Media.

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