NiceHash Launches Iron Fish Support!

Elena Nadolinski

CEO & Founder @ Iron Fish

What’s Happening 

Today, NiceHash, a leading hashpower marketplace, has announced that the hashing algorithm for Iron Fish has been added to their marketplace. NiceHash customers can now start buying and selling Iron Fish hashpower to mine IRON, the token powering the Iron Fish network.

To start — head here.

The NiceHash Marketplace and Iron Fish 

NiceHash is one of the world’s leading marketplaces to buy, sell, and rent hashpower to mine certain proof of work assets.

In traditional mining, participants need to set up their own hardware to either solo mine or mine as part of a pool to earn block rewards. Hashpower marketplaces like NiceHash allow people to rent hashpower rather than setting up their own hardware. By participating in the network through mining, users of NiceHash can earn the network’s token directly through their mining activities.

Different regulatory guidelines might bar someone from being able to purchase a token on an exchange. This can be particularly difficult for people wishing to purchase tokens native to layer 1s, which don’t have the same accessibility on decentralized exchanges (such as trading ETH for an ERC20 on a DEX). There are some Iron Fish community members who cannot purchase IRON directly on exchanges due to such restrictions of their location or jurisdictions. With NiceHash, they can buy/sell hashpower, mine Iron Fish, and earn IRON directly to their wallets.

With NiceHash’s support of the Iron Fish algorithm, privacy technology takes another step towards accessibility, user experience, and global reach.

Learn more about Iron Fish mining here and get started with NiceHash IRON hashpower here.

Join the Iron Fish community 🏃🐟 

Elena Nadolinski

CEO & Founder @ Iron Fish

Elena is the Founder and CEO of Iron Fish — previously worked at Airbnb, Tilt, and Microsoft. Fell down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole in 2017. Really didn't want her insurance to know she eats pizza.

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