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Iron Fish has 3 networks built into the SDK by default. These networks are useful for development and testing rather than trying to wait for someone to send you Mainnet $IRON.

Note: Once you start a node on a certain network, that node cannot be used on another network. Use ironfish reset --networkId ... to switch a node to another network.


The Testnet is a network that is maintained by the core developer team. All code is first deployed to Testnet before Mainnet.

If you want to use Testnet with the CLI run:

ironfish start --networkId 0

Testnet Faucet

You can request Testnet funds by using the faucet. First start your node in the Testnet, then request funds.

ironfish faucet


The Devnet is a network that is used for spinning up local networks very easily. It has extremely low default difficulty so you can mine blocks very easily.

If you want to use the Devnet with the CLI run:

ironfish start --networkId 2

Devnet Faucet

There is no Devnet faucet. However, you can instantly mine a block using the built in CPU miner

ironfish miners:start


The Iron Fish CLI, Node App, and SDK each automatically connect to Mainnet by default. You don't need to do anything special to use it.

Mainnet Faucet

There is no faucet for Mainnet, please use Testnet for pre-production testing.

Custom Network 

Iron Fish supports custom network definitions. You can create a custom network definition and import it using the customNetwork config or the --customNetwork flag like this...

ironfish start --customNetwork ~/foonet.json

Network Definition Files 

    "id": 0,
    "bootstrapNodes": [
    "genesis": {/* insert genesis block here*/},
    "consensus": {
        "allowedBlockFutureSeconds": 15,
        "genesisSupplyInIron": 42000000,
        "targetBlockTimeInSeconds": 60,
        "targetBucketTimeInSeconds": 10,
        "maxBlockSizeBytes": 524288,
        "minFee": 1

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