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Creates a raw transaction that is not posted.

This allows for the transaction to be posted using spending keys stored on a different node.

Creating a raw transaction does not require a spend key. They are not added to the wallet, mempool, or broadcast. The notes used in a raw transaction are not marked as spent.


  account?: string
  outputs: {
    publicAddress: string
    amount: string
    memo: string
    assetId?: string
  mints?: {
    assetId?: string
    name?: string
    metadata?: string
    value: string
    transferOwnershipTo?: string
  burns?: {
    assetId: string
    value: string
  fee?: string | null
  feeRate?: string | null
  expiration?: number
  expirationDelta?: number
  confirmations?: number
  notes?: string[]


  transaction: string;
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