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Follows the chain from a given sequence and streams blocks from chain connects and disconnects. If wait is set to false the stream will end when it reaches the head of the chain (true by default).


  head?: string | null
  serialized?: boolean
  wait?: boolean
} | undefined


  type: 'connected' | 'disconnected' | 'fork'
  head: {
    sequence: number
  block: {
    hash: string
    sequence: number
    previous: string
    graffiti: string
    difficulty: string
    size: number
    timestamp: number
    work: string
    main: boolean
    transactions: Array<{
      serialized?: string
      hash: string
      size: number
      fee: number
      expiration: number
      notes: Array<{
        commitment: string
      spends: Array<{
        nullifier: string
        commitment: string
        size: number
      mints: Array<{
        id: string
        metadata: string
        name: string
        creator: string
        value: string
        transferOwnershipTo: string | undefined
      burns: Array<{
        id: string
        value: string

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