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Gets a subset of configuration values for a node

If the user flag is provided, a value will only be returned if the user set the configuration option.


  user?: boolean
  name?: string
} | undefined


    blockGraffiti: string
    blocksPerMessage: number
    bootstrapNodes: string[]
    confirmations: number
    customNetwork: string
    databaseMigrate: boolean
    editor: string
    enableListenP2P: boolean
    enableLogFile: boolean
    enableMetrics: boolean
    enableRpc: boolean
    enableRpcIpc: boolean
    enableRpcTcp: boolean
    enableRpcTls: boolean
    enableSyncing: boolean
    enableTelemetry: boolean
    feeEstimatorMaxBlockHistory: number
    feeEstimatorPercentileAverage: number
    feeEstimatorPercentileFast: number
    feeEstimatorPercentileSlow: number
    generateNewIdentity: boolean
    getFundsApi: string
    ipcPath: string
    jsonLogs: boolean
    keepOpenPeerSlot: boolean
    logLevel: string
    logPeerMessages: boolean
    logPrefix: string
    maxPeers: number
    maxSyncedAgeBlocks: number
    memPoolMaxSizeBytes: number
    memPoolRecentlyEvictedCacheSize: number
    minPeers: number
    minerBatchSize: number
    miningForce: boolean
    nodeName: string
    nodeWorkers: number
    nodeWorkersMax: number
    p2pSimulateLatency: number
    peerPort: number
    poolAccountName: string
    poolBanning: boolean
    poolDifficulty: string
    poolDiscordWebhook: ''
    poolHost: string
    poolLarkWebhook: ''
    poolMaxConnectionsPerIp: number
    poolName: string
    poolPayoutPeriodDuration: number
    poolPort: number
    poolRecentShareCutoff: number
    poolStatusNotificationInterval: number
    preemptiveBlockMining: boolean
    rpcTcpHost: string
    rpcTcpPort: number
    targetPeers: number
    telemetryApi: string
    tlsCertPath: string
    tlsKeyPath: string
    transactionExpirationDelta: number
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