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Gets consensus parameters from the chain




   * When adding a block, the block can be this amount of seconds into the future
   * without rejecting it
  allowedBlockFutureSeconds: number

   * The amount of coins in the genesis block
  genesisSupplyInIron: number

   * The average time that all blocks should be mined
  targetBlockTimeInSeconds: number

   * The time range when difficulty and target not change
  targetBucketTimeInSeconds: number

   * Max block size
  maxBlockSizeBytes: number

   * The minimum fee that a transaction must have to be accepted
  minFee: number

   * The block height that enables the use of V2 transactions instead of V1
  enableAssetOwnership: number | null

   * Before upgrade we have block timestamp smaller than previous block. After this
   * block we enforce the block timestamps in the sequential order as the block sequences.
  enforceSequentialBlockTime: number | null

   * Sequence at which to start mining and validating blocks with the FishHash algorithm
   * instead Blake3. This sequence also modifies the block header serialization to move graffiti
   * to the beginning of the block header before mining.
  enableFishHash: number | null

   * Sequence at which to use an increased max bucket in the target calculation,
   * allowing for a greater per-block downward shift.
  enableIncreasedDifficultyChange: number | null

   * Mapping of block height to the hash of the block at that height. Once a node has added this block to
   * its main chain, it will not be disconnected from the main chain.
  checkpoints: { sequence: number; hash: string }[]

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