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Retrieves notes for the given account. If the account is not specified, the default account will be used.

Supports cursor-based pagination using the pageSize and pageCursor request parameters. Use the nextPageCursor from a response as the value of pageCursor in the next request to retrieve the next page of notes.

Supports filtering notes by any of the fields in the filter request parameter.


  account?: string
  pageSize?: number
  pageCursor?: string
  filter?: {
    value?: string;
    assetId?: string;
    memo?: string;
    sender?: string;
    noteHash?: string;
    transactionHash?: string;
    nullifier?: string;
    spent?: boolean;
    index?: number;


  notes: Array<{
    value: string;
    assetId: string;
    assetName: string;
    memo: string;
    sender: string;
    owner: string;
    noteHash: string;
    transactionHash: string;
    index: number | null;
    nullifier: string | null;
    spent: boolean;
  nextPageCursor: string | null

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