Health of your node


Run the status command to display the status of your node.

ironfish status -f


The node can have the following status:

STARTEDNode is running
STOPPEDNode is not running. Start it with ironfish start
ERRORAn error occured while running the node. Run ironfish logs -v to see the latest error messages

Blocks Syncer

The Blocks syncer can have the following status:

IDLEThe syncer is paused - your chain is synced with the network
REQUESTINGThe syncer is requesting blocks from the network
SYNCINGThe syncer is currently adding blocks to your local chain
STOPPEDThe syncer is stopped - either because you are not connected to the network, or your node is not running


Blockchain head indicates the head of your chain on your local node. It changes every 60 seconds.

P2P Network

P2P Network can have the following status:

CONNECTEDYour node is connected to the network. Stats about your network traffic is displayed on the right side
WAITINGYour node is attempting to connect to the Iron Fish network
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ironfish status Node: STARTED Blocks syncing: SYNCING - 268 / 13802 blocks @ 20.73blocks per seconds Blockchain: 00000894D09B1016B4A982415FC7EAA0C6982919CBCD997277C74E7BB9B3B421 (1000), Since HEAD: 1s (SYNCED) P2P Network: CONNECTED In: 180 KB/s, Out: 160 B/s

Chain information

Run the following command to display your chain status. Heaviest head is the latest block synced to the genesis block in your chain. Latest head is the latest block received from a peer in the Iron Fish network.

ironfish chain:show
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ironfish chain:show Getting the chain blocks... ====== TAIL f6801b559c46aaee1bc94398c353f6b2bdabe50a44664a703b165cb0be6a7d26 HEAVIEST 0000278c762f231f326b981b517b0b34320ba8011945220e4da1e43101a99a57 LATEST 0000278c762f231f326b981b517b0b34320ba8011945220e4da1e43101a99a57 TREES OKAY? TRUE +- Block f6801...a7d26 (1 seq, work: 131072) TAIL GENESIS +- Block 00003...a62ca (2 seq, work: 262144) +- Block 00005...863b9 (3 seq, work: 393280) +- Block 00004...efa6e (4 seq, work: 524480) +- Block 00004...3554b (5 seq, work: 655744) +- Block 00006...3d053 (6 seq, work: 787072) +- Block 00002...9ec82 (7 seq, work: 918464) +- Block 00004...cfd82 (8 seq, work: 1049920) +- Block 00005...96c9c (9 seq, work: 1181440) +- Block 00000...fa3a7 (10 seq, work: 1313024) +- Block 00005...c3b97 (11 seq, work: 1444672) +- Block 00007...b49a9 (12 seq, work: 1576384) +- Block 00007...53332 (13 seq, work: 1708160) +- Block 00005...7535a (13 seq, work: 1708160) +- Block 00003...6d423 (14 seq, work: 1840000) | +- Block 00003...21e8e (15 seq, work: 1971904) +- Block 00003...af531 (14 seq, work: 1840000) +- Block 00002...f8b86 (15 seq, work: 1971904) +- Block 00006...7457e (16 seq, work: 2103872) | +- Block 00000...cf403 (17 seq, work: 2235904) | +- Block 00007...9321c (18 seq, work: 2368000) | +- Block 00002...42725 (19 seq, work: 2500160) | +- Block 00006...4b38a (20 seq, work: 2632384) | +- Block 00007...92895 (21 seq, work: 2764672) | +- Block 00006...4f07d (22 seq, work: 2897024) | +- Block 00001...f2fa4 (23 seq, work: 3029440) | | +- Block 00001...3177a (24 seq, work: 3161920) | | +- Block 00002...99a57 (25 seq, work: 3294464) LATEST HEAVY | +- Block 00005...f594e (23 seq, work: 3029440) +- Block 00007...b3f27 (16 seq, work: 2103872)

Peers information

To see how is your node connected to the network you can run the following command

ironfish peers -f

A peer can have the following status:

CONNECTINGYour node is attempting to connect to a new peer
CONNECTEDYour node is connected to the peer
CONNECTED(!)Your node is connected to the peer. But an error occurred previously
DISCONNECTED(!)Your node is disconnected from the peer
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You can get more information about connections status and errors by running the following command:

ironfish peers -fe