Your node doesn't have to be running at the same time as the sender to send or receive a transaction.

Send a transaction

Interactive mode

Send a transaction by running the following command using your default account:

ironfish wallet:send
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ironfish wallet:send200.00000001ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 You are about to send: $IRON 20 to ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 from the account IronFishGenesisAccount * This action is NOT reversible * YCreating the transaction: Sending 20 to ab518b8c908d7157eaebdf8159c5813894074d3136826daba4a485598de1b86a597af2821f8400bbfe70c1 from MyNewAccount Transaction Hash: e032e78268a1097288503e18510e48d140292ff5ce91d0914ae00f733ad8d166 Transaction Fee: 0.00000001 Find the transaction on

If you want to send a transaction from a different account, you can use the `-f` flag.


ironfish wallet:send -f MyOtherAccount

Noninteractive mode

Run ironfish wallet:send --help to see the different options available.

E.g. To send 2 coins from the account Savings

ironfish wallet:send -a 2 -o 0.00000001 -t 997c...7fc52ed -f Savings

Receive a transaction

To receive a transaction, you just need to communicate the public key of your account to the sender. If you don't know your public key, run the following command:

ironfish wallet:address

E.g. To get the public key of a different account on your node

ironfish wallet:address Savings

View transactions

To view transactions from the current account

ironfish wallet:transactions
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ironfish wallet:transactions default (8454944) - Account transactions Status Creator Hash Miner Fee Fee ($ORE) Notes Spends ───────── ─────── ─────────────────────────── ───────── ─────────── ───── ────── pending ✔ 02ad86094df3bd5a1e090b..... x 1 2 1 completed ✔ 04090cc860d4a71b4be50a..... x 1 2 1 completed x 04718dcc81bea11fdb4b38..... ✔ -2000000006 1 0


You can check your balance at any time by running the following command:

ironfish wallet:balance

Next steps

You can now track your transaction on the network, or start mining $IRON.