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To mint a new asset

ironfish wallet:mint

> ironfish wallet:mint

Do you want to create a new asset (Y/N)?: y Enter the name for the new asset: MyNewAsset Enter metadata for the new asset: - Enter the amount to mint in the custom asset: 10 Enter the fee amount in $IRON (min: 0.00000001) [0.00000001]: 0.00000001 You are about to mint Name: MyNewAsset 10.00000000 plus a transaction fee of $IRON 0.00000001 with the account MyNewAccount * This action is NOT reversible * Do you confirm (Y/N)?: Y Creating the transaction: ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ 100% Minted asset MyNewAsset from MyNewAccount Asset Identifier: 9d10d3fe1b86a5 Value: 10.00000000 Transaction Hash: e032e78268a1097288503e18510e48d140292ff5ce91d0914ae00f733ad8d166 Find the transaction on

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