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Aggregates signature shares from participants to sign a transaction.

ironfish wallet:multisig:signature:aggregate

The example below aggregates signature shares for a transaction signed by two signers.

The signing package and signature shares in the example are truncated for readability.

> ironfish wallet:multisig:signature:aggregate \ -s 723f415e10ec47955036105834ab7dcc...be94dd1ae640f3fcf8bddb9478a0cb02 \ -s 721cb9582cec837588df0b08d77d4870...ad47e9f3ba751c77ec7530708d1d2b07 \ -p f100000000c3d2051e0257eb8aaee9aa...9844a3e90873a5a5808e83417c336105

Signing the multisig transaction... done Hash: a28ce23d635b1552bdf4897fa3d8f93447a7aa78a3d43985bf2029ff3e4098ba Fee: $IRON 0.00000001


-f, --accountThe account to use for generating the commitment, must be a multisig participant accountThe wallet's default account is used
-p, --signingPackageThe signing package (unsigned transaction and commitments) for which the signature will be created
-s, --signatureShareParticipant signature share (may be specified multiple times)
--[no]-broadcastBroadcast the transaction to the network after signing
--pathPath to a JSON file containing participant identities

Multisig Transaction JSON 

You can use the --path flag and a JSON file like the example shown below to pass a signing package and list of signature shares to this command:

  "signatureShare": [
  "signingPackage": "f100000000c3d2051e0257eb8aaee9aa...9844a3e90873a5a5808e83417c336105"

Note that the JSON file can contain other fields, like commitment, so you can use the same file throughout the multisig signing flow.

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