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Iron Fish is cryptocurrency that allows for safe, secure, and private transactions.

This guide is intended for people new to crypto to understand what Iron Fish is and how they can get started using it. If you want to skip directly to installing and running Iron Fish, you can install a node now.

The currency symbol for Iron Fish is $IRON. This is compared to United States Dollar (USD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), or Russian Ruble (RUB).

Why use $IRON? 

Currencies like $IRON promote decentralization by creating a global ledger that no single person can modify. When you run Iron Fish, you help keep this ledger secure by checking that transactions are following the balances in the ledger. By running Iron Fish, you help keep you and your communities coins secure.

The advantage of using $IRON is that it is fundamentally private. Other people cannot see the amount sent, or the recipient without your permission. This privacy is enabled by Zero Knowledge Proofs. This is different from Bitcoin which is fundamentally public.

How can I use $IRON? 

There are three ways to use the Iron Fish network. Choosing which one is the right solution for you depends on your goals and technical skill.


Wallets are a simple easy to use way to send and recieve $IRON.

They allow you to send and recieve coins. When you use a wallet, other Iron Fish users will validate your transactions before they are added to the ledger.

Download a supported wallet.

Mining Blocks 

Mining means taking transactions, and adding them to blocks. When mining is done by many different people all over the world, it's one of the main ways Iron Fish remains decentralized and secure. Miners can receive $IRON as a reward.

See a list of supported miners.

Running a Node 

Running a node is an important way to contribute to the network. Like a wallet, running a node allows you to send and receive $IRON. Your node will also help validate other peoples transactions to make sure they are obeying the rules that govern all transactions. The more people that are watching to ensure transactions are following the rules, the more secure the network.

  • Censorship Resistent - A node helps people in your country securely send $IRON by providing a censorship resistent relay.
  • Privacy - This allows you to send transactions privately through your own access point rather than someone elses access point.
  • Protect Everyones Coins - Many attacks on cryptocurrencies require the attacker to provision many different machines and out number the good actors. If you run a node you're joining a team of good guys that all work together to out number the bad guys.
  • Participate - Your node will validate and cast a vote on every single transaction that enters the network. You can help filter out malicious transactions for everyone and yourself.

Install a node.

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