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This command to combines your notes into a single note. This command takes into account how fast your machine can create proofs and suggests the number of notes you should combine. You can run this command multiple times until you have two notes remaining.


Flow to combine notes:

ironfish wallet:notes:combine

> ironfish wallet:notes:combine

Measuring time to combine 1 note... 580ms ? Select the number of notes you wish to combine (MAX): (Use arrow keys) ❯ ~1 minute: 103 notes ~5 minutes: 515 notes ~10 minutes: 1030 notes ? Select the number of notes you wish to combine (MAX): ~1 minute: 103 notes Enter the memo (or leave blank): combining notes Calculating fees... done ? Select the fee you wish to use for this transaction (Use arrow keys) ❯ Slow 0.00000037 Average 0.00000037 Fast 0.00000037 Enter a custom fee ? Select the fee you wish to use for this transaction Slow 0.00000037 TRANSACTION SUMMARY: From default To a4ffcedb47b442687fd1962677768229b975b6b88e25ede25c4bb0184d2d884c Amount $IRON 2020.00000000 Fee $IRON 0.00000037 Memo combining notes Outputs 1 Spends 102 Expiration 5926 Time to send: 59s Do you confirm (Y/N)?: Y Sending the transaction: [===-------------------------------------] 8% | 54s Sending the transaction: [========================================] 100% | 8s Sending took 52s Sent $IRON 2020.00000000 to a4ffcedb47b442687fd1962677768229b975b6b88e25ede25c4bb0184d2d884c from default Hash: bf614dc8e83634e0d78c988f5f760c2ebdd86806cd549abf759fe2c00670b005 Fee: $IRON 0.00000037 Memo: combining notes If the transaction is mined, it will appear here ✨ Done in 116.83s.


--fThe account to usedefault
--mThe memo of the transaction''
--oThe fee amount in IRON``
--rThe fee rate amount in IRON/Kilobyte``
--tThe public address of the recipientpublic address of default account
--watchWait for the transaction to be confirmedfalse
--notesHow many notes to combine``
--confirmConfirm without askingfalse
--benchmarkForce run the benchmark to measure the time to combine 1 notefalse


The time it takes to send a transaction is proportional to the number of notes (UTXOs) that are being spent in that transaction. The process of creating proofs for your notes is time intensive and depends on your machines CPU. If your transaction includes too many notes, it will take a long time to send. In addition to that, if your expiration is too short, you may not be able to send the transaction in time. All of this leads to your transactions being "stuck".

We created this command to help consolidate your notes while taking into account your machines performance.

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