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Creates a signing commitment from a multisig signer account (participant) for a given transaction and a list of signers. The identity for the account that creates the signing commitment is included in the list of signers automatically.

ironfish wallet:multisig:commitment:create

The example below creates a signing commitment for a transaction to be signed by two signers.

The participant identities, unsigned transaction, and signing commitment in the example are truncated for readability.

> ironfish wallet:multisig:commitment:create \ -i 723f415e10ec47955036105834ab7dcc...89557882a9d3834e9ee9a82dc4ac2f0a \ -i 721cb9582cec837588df0b08d77d4870...2b269850be9d80d1f8360fa57df0a306 \ -u 01010000000000000002000000000000...9f3fb432907a84c8483586a6a565d308

================== Notes sent: ================== Amount: $IRON 0.00000010 Memo: Recipient: 95b4d767410460fb8f093c1261c9a499ceae23801c14bde88675b27cf1c5718c Sender: ca860e5c6c87118f738e1764a87b1cec1913e3e624237bddecb88d289a445c2c ================== Notes received: ================== Amount: $IRON 0.00099989 Memo: Recipient: ca860e5c6c87118f738e1764a87b1cec1913e3e624237bddecb88d289a445c2c Sender: ca860e5c6c87118f738e1764a87b1cec1913e3e624237bddecb88d289a445c2c Confirm signing commitment creation (Y/N): Y Commitment: 07749d787c6f3c0bce91fb3f3869c96b...342022941ff351bd60723b9a9aa2d29a

The signing commitment will be valid only if all participant identities specified with the -i flag also create signing commitments.


-f, --accountThe account to use for generating the commitment, must be a multisig participant accountThe wallet's default account is used
-i, --identityThe identity of the participants that will sign the transaction (may be specified multiple times to add multiple signers)
-u, --unsignedTransactionThe serialized unsigned transaction that needs to be signed
--confirmCreate signing commitment without confirming transaction details
--pathPath to a JSON file containing participant identities

Multisig Transaction JSON 

You can use the --path flag and a JSON file like the example shown below to pass a list of identities and an unsigned transaction to this command:

  "identity": [
  "unsignedTransaction": "01010000000000000002000000000000...9f3fb432907a84c8483586a6a565d308"

Note that the JSON file can contain other fields, like commitment, so you can use the same file throughout the multisig signing flow.

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