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Set up an account

Create a new account 

By default, your node creates an account when you start up your node for the first time. You can create a new account at any time with the following command:

ironfish wallet:create

> ironfish wallet:create

Creating account MyNewAccount Account MyNewAccount created with public address 6a085865ac5608c8ec64189db54d4b5c085da9da12dad0a0bf00f60e52c16b0303d8a8dd7d82601f577c8d Run "ironfish wallet:use MyNewAccount" to set the account as default

Set the account as default 

When you have multiple accounts you can set which account to use as the default account:

ironfish wallet:use MyNewAccount

Next steps 

You can read about the different wallet commands in the wallet section.

Now that you have created an account you can receive transactions or start mining $IRON.

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